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Blowing up a structure isn't the only way to bring it down. When you need building demolition in Belton, TX, we offer you a safer alternative. Parma Rebuilders is a nonexplosive demolition company that takes down buildings by hand and costs less than demolition using explosives. Contact us today!

Completed Demolition, Belton, TX

Walls Tumble Down

We can demolish everything from silos to steel-structured buildings as high as 12 stories. Our process involves cutting into structures with torches, using steel cables in the middle for support, and then letting the buildings fall down. We finish by completely cleaning up all the debris. Depend on us to do nonexplosive demolition the right way.

We Will Rebuild It

Restore a demolished building by requesting rebuilding service from our crew. Although our specialty is demolition, we have the skills to put a structure back together. We base our rates for rebuilding on the national average tempered by our 30 years of experience. Contact us for more information about rebuilding services.